Barely nothing has got nothing on this!

Designing The Nothing App I really wanted to put emphasis on a minimal user interface. I wanted to go back to the roots of what it meant to do nothing. I used the newest technology, Swift programming language, to make sure I was pushing the boundaries of what we can do with nothing. I think you're really going to love this. - Jake Chapman (lead designer / engineer)

Easy for user

Nothing to touch, nothing to mess up. No support required.

Easy for all ages

No matter your age, you'll be able to pick up 'The Nothing App' and start doing nothing right away.

Easy for sharing

Sharing? No, do nothing. Leave it alone and let it work its magic.

Designed with simplicity in mind

I'm excited about how streamlined and intuitive I've made The Nothing App. This really is a first of its kind.

Discover. Give. Impact.

I'm hoping you've realized this is a joke by now, wasting our time and resources isn't. Help someone get access to clean water.